My Story

   Buttermilk & Lavender Soap           Rose & Patchouli Body Butter
Everything started when my son had issues with eczema and dry skin right from infancy. I had been to the doctors and tried a lot of different products, but it didn’t help. It was quite frustrating seeing him suffer and I couldn’t do much to relieve him of the pain and itchiness.
When he turned 3 years old, his condition got worse and I remember the doctor mentioned that he could be reacting to whatever skincare products I was using on him.
When we returned home, I checked the ingredients on all his skincare products and I was shocked to see all these chemicals that I didn’t know about. After lots and lots of research on natural soaps, I started making products for my family. I realised that the symptoms started fading and the pain subsided. I added whipped body butter to his daily skincare routine and ever since his skin has never looked better.
Denaj Beauty was born from that time. There are lots of people out there who are going through similar situations especially children.
My main aim is to introduce my chemical free, moisturising and nourishing products to the world. I are developing and refining new ideas to bring the best, and only the best to our customers. I use locally sourced ingredients to create our wide range of products, for all skin types.
The ingredients in our products are carefully chosen to help with skin conditions such as  dry skin and sensitive skin issues. And to heal and nourish the delicate skin of children.  For that moisturised, hydrated, soft and nourished skin, use Denaj  products.
I also aim to bring awareness to our costumers on some of the harsh chemicals in some skincare products out there. And give them the opportunity to choose what they put on their skin.
Always remember that what goes on your skin, goes into the skin.
At Denaj Beauty, I believe that if it’s not good enough for me and my children,  then it’s not good enough for my customers. Moreover, I stand strongly against animal testing.
Denaj Beauty is a family business that promotes love for your skin with handmade natural products especially made for you.
Sakina Addai
Denaj Beauty - your skin, our concern